Truth Revealed About ‘Razor Blade’ Found in Little Girl’s Hershey Bar

This past Sunday, Auburn, Massachusetts, police put out a Facebook notice urging parents to check their children’s Halloween candy after they got a report of an inch-long “metallic object” found inside a miniature Hershey chocolate bar wrapper.

That “metallic object” turned out to be a razor blade:a

When detectives went to investigate the situation, hoping to find where it came from, they got a chance to talk with the little girl who made the initial report.

When police spoke with the eleven-year-old, however, she came clean about fabricating the whole story:


Eleven-year-old Keith Roycewicz, who was not involved in the incident, told WBZ:

“It must of scared a lot of kids and parents that they might hurt themselves.”

The little girl’s prank upset many parents, like Kelly Collins, who told WBZ:

“I hope that child gets disciplined get some help that’s just wrong.”

Another parent, James Dorsey explained:

“We dumped out all the candy piece by piece to make sure it all was safe.”

It appears that the little girl wasn’t the only one to make a false report about dangerous objects in their candy bars.

In the greater Pennsylvania and New Jersey area, numerous reports were made to police, stating that sewing needles were found lodged inside Halloween candy:


It turns out that Robert Ledrew of Blackwood, New Jersey, who’d made the initial report, made up the story as well, reports CBS3.

Ledrew, who posted images of needle-filled candy bars to his Facebook, claimed he was trying to teach his children a lesson to be careful with their candy. He was later arrested and charged with making a false police report.

According to authorities in Kennett Square, Chester County, police are still investigating reports of six pieces of candy that reportedly had needles inside.

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