Two Bullies Brutally Jump Kid From Behind, Then A Hero Appears And Serves Serious Karma

111Bullying is a serious issue. That’s no news: for decades, kids movies and after-school specials have gone to great lengths to illustrate the dangers of allowing kids of succumb to the whims of their bullies. Just as damaging or even more harmful than the actual act, are the bystanders who do nothing in fear of retribution, and end up giving the bullies accidental condonation of their terrible acts.


It’s why this particular video is quite satisfying; it shows a hero kid standing up to two bullies at a lunchtime throwdown, proving once and for all that getting rid of bullying is a collective effort.

In 2015, nearly one in four students (22%) reported getting bullied at some point during the school year, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics, and this starts off as just another bullying video:

A poor boy is just enjoying his lunch when he is attacked from the back and brutally laid upon by two beefy bullies. He cowers in fear as the other student watch on, and you can’t help but feel for the poor kid, until someone steps in to intervene. An older boy in a black hoodie swoops in, throwing off his backpack and unleashing hell on the two attackers, who, in the vein of  bullies everywhere, immediately back off once they find somebody their own size. From there, the victim is able to get help from the bystanders from before.

This video just goes to show that bullying is still a massive problem, despite the level of attention we have given it for many decades. We wouldn’t recommend physically fighting back, but it’s important that people stick together to help eradicate it once and for all.

Some kids aren’t as lucky as the boy in this video, and this heartbreaking tale from a 13-year-old boyshows that these stories don’t always have a happy ending.


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