Two Fabulous Grannies Ride Around Town In A Lamborghini

We’ve always dreamed of having an Italian sports car, just a little something we could race around the neighborhood in. If we had one, though, we might have some problems lending it out. Who could you possibly entrust your very extremely expensive wheels to? What if your grandma asked? How could you say no to dear old Granny?

This video shows what happens when two grandmas take a Lamborghini Murcielago out for the day, and the results are hilarious. The cute nanas had the time of their lives. We’d be lying, though, if we said it didn’t make our palms a little sweaty.


The first thing our cute grannies, Audrey and Peggy, have to figure out is how to open the doors. They talk to the car like it’s a toddler on training wheels, “Up we go! Granny’s got the Lambo today!” They settle in and immediately almost plow into the garage door.

When they finally make it out of the driveway, they cruise around the neighborhood waving at everybody they see. These “Lamborghini Queens,” as they refer to themselves, are on the make! People do double takes as they drive by, but we’re not sure if it’s the stunning car or the flamboyant grandmas that catch their eyes.

What do grandmas do when they get the Lambo for the day? They run errands, of course. They stop off for some groceries and try to pick up a fella in the parking lot. We’re not sure if they ever figured out where to put the groceries in the Lamborghini, because, Grandma, a Lamborghini is not a grocery-shopping type of car.

These adorable ladies are having such a blast on their big day out, we can only hope that we are this fun-loving and flirty when we are grandmas. You go, girls!


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