Two Women Handed Odd Envelope By Strange Man, Stunned By What’s Inside


While out grocery shopping, a woman and her mother were a bit perplexed after being approached by a man they’d never seen before. The two were left even more baffled as the stranger handed them an odd envelope before simply walking away – and they were stunned when they saw what was inside.

Emma Kate and her mother were outside of the new Asda (a grocery store) in Gillingham, England, when the incident took place. According to the woman, “I heard a ‘here you go love’ and with that a man handed my mum an envelope that read ‘open me.’”


oing as the envelope instructed, they opened it to find some money and a mysterious note that read, “This is a random act of kindness…..doesn’t need to be repaid but carry on an act of kindness….this was mine….what is yours?”

Signed by a man named “John,” the two were left puzzled but said he also included £50 (about $71 US). As if the gesture wasn’t special enough on its own, Emma states that it couldn’t have come at a better time.


“Now John I don’t know who you are or where you are from or why you even did such a generous thing…..but little did you know that the woman you gave this envelope to (my mother) had just recently lost and buried her son, (my dear brother) and we were actually discussing ways we will get the money together to pay for the last bit of the funeral,” she wrote. “Little did you know John that you touched the heart of my mum with your random act of kindness when the last couple of weeks have been her darkest!”

Saying that it was “so much more than ‘a random act of kindness,” Emma thanked John for the extremely remarkable gesture. It just goes to show how little we know about one another. Although some would just think this was a matter of coincidence, there’s no arguing that the ordeal turned out to be much bigger than originally thought. If only there were a few more people like John on this planet – what a place that would be.


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