Until A Few Days Ago This Man Liked to Party With ‘Cheap’ Drugs. This is What It Did to Him

Up until a few days ago, Australian native Jordy Hurdes was much like any other twenty-year-old young man.

And much like many other young men of his age, Jordy liked to party.


In a Facebook video, he admits:

“The party scene is pretty big these days… and so is ecstasy.”

He adds that amongst his friends, ecstasy is often considered the “cheap option,” as a pill only costs around $25. And besides being cheap, he says many consider it to be enjoyable.

“[T]aking party drugs (pills, pingas, googs) seems like a fun option and you don’t think anything life changing could happen to you,” he says.

Due to those ecstasy pills — the ones that he once thought to be the “fun” and “cheap” option — however, Jordy’s life has been forever changed.


Unfortunately, Jordy almost died after taking a bad ecstasy pill, and he may have a “permanent stutter and twitch due to nerve or brain damage” as a result.

He notes that he is grateful to be alive, and that doctors still cannot believe that he survived. But as a result of his drug use, it is now a “waiting game” to see whether he will have “permanent jerking.”


In sharing his story, Jordy is not asking for sympathy— he now knows that there are consequences for his actions. Instead, in hopes of potentially saving a life, he wants to spread awareness about the drug’s harmful effects.

“If I can get this into at least a couple of people’s heads then I could have saved someone’s life,” he says.

He urges young people to “be the stronger person” and refrain from getting sucked into the drug scene. Because as he now knows, “it seems like fun and games… but it’s not worth it.”

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