VIDEO: Every Time He Squeezes His Parrots Stomach He Makes The Most Hilarious Noise!


Could this be the first squeak toy sounding parrot? This guy is a riot! Every time his owner squeezes his stomach, the parrot let’s out the same sound as a squeak toy!

Matter of fact, you’ll be tempted to think the video is fake, but watch the parrots mouth as it coincides with the squeak sound. It’s the real deal! You have to wonder if the parrot picked up this sound from an actual dog or cat toy, and somehow realized that every time someone squeezed it the sound would come out. So it not only mimics the sound, but the squeeze!

Kanji is the name of this parrot and he’s a 3 year old African Grey Bird. What an awesome pet to have and one that no doubt provides nonstop entertainment and enjoyment to his family.

Check this guy out and you will definitely get a kick out of Kanji and her squeaking ability!

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