Waupaca County Sheriff’s Office investigating sexual assault of pregnant horse


Wisconsin cops have yet another odd case on their hands as they were recently forced to respond to a call about a pregnant mare that was sexually assaulted.

Waupaca County police instructed residents to keep their eyes on their pets in light of the disturbing news. A press release obtained by TMJ 4 says a citizen contacted police after he felt like his horses were acting spooked. He discovered that his five-year-old mare had been “maliciously vandalized” and was bleeding on the pasture.

Waupaca County Sheriff Brad Hardel told FOX News: “I think that an instrument, some sort of hobbling device, was used on the horse. It is disturbing, for sure.”

Following observation from a veterinarian, it was determined that the pregnant horse was sexually assaulted. As of now, the sheriff’s office has reportedly reached out to one suspect with a proclivity for this type of sexual activity.


a Wisconsin man named Jared Kreft was previously arrested for bestiality and sexual gratification with an animal after he performed oral sex on his horse while stoned.

The 31-year-old was found in a barn last year in a black mask, and pants with the groin and buttocks areas cut out. Though he performed the act after viewing horse pornography, Kreft has denied any involvement in this current case, and no one is in custody for the incident yet.

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