Wendy’s Got This Woman’s Order Wrong And You Won’t Believe How She Dealt With It…


What do you do when you feel yourself getting hungry? Most people would have a logical answer and get some food, but ideally in a calm way. Being hungry can make you feel unpleasant, but there’s no excuse for your hunger to turn to anger.

Lovely Robinson (seriously, that’s her name) may disagree though. She was experiencing a serious case of hanger when she decided on Wendy’s one night. She also decided that her hanger was going to lead to her physically assaulting a fast food employee. Lovely had ordered two spicy chicken sandwiches, but then changed her mind to four of the 99 cent chicken sandwiches.


The fast food manager, Latanya Nelson, states that she must have been furious when she heard that her meal was $11 instead of the $4 she expected, but that probably isn’t a justification for what came next. Nelson explained, “She came in cursing and said I’ll come across the counter. So I said, ‘OK.’ She jumped over, so I defended myself.”

“She didn’t have me in size, but she had heart I’ll give her that,” Nelson said. “I told her you can’t be in here. You gotta’ go.”

And then in an unorthodox move, Lovely then started to bite Nelson on the knee. At the very least, this allowed Nelson to land some serious haymakers to the face of Lovely.


Police were then called to the scene and “charged Robinson with malicious wounding, intentionally damaging property, preventing law enforcement from making an arrest and trespassing.” I imagine she also got banned from the Wendy’s!

It did not deter Nelson, who returned to work later that week, but you may not be shocked that she described Lovely as being the angriest customer that she has ever dealt with. If she was hungry before entering the Wendy’s, she’s going to be downright vicious when she realized that her next meal was still going to be a few hours away, and it probably didn’t taste nearly as good!



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