When You Pour Molten Copper Into A Coconut, Crazy Sh*t Happens

Watching random objects get destroyed has become an important subsection of the internet. From crushing things with a hydraulic press to sticking iPhones in a blender, there’s something weirdly soothing about watching something solid getting completely smashed to smithereens. How else are all us stressed-out, nine ’till six, al desko-eating millennials ever going to calm down?!

But if there’s one variety of this unexpected trend that’s better than all the rest, it’s pouring molten copper into random objects. What is it about watching molten metal solidify inside things that’s just so darn soothing?



One of the best examples of this trend comes from YouTube channel Tito4re. One of his most popular videos shows what happens when you pour molten copper into a coconut, and it’s probably one of the most soothing things I’ve seen on the internet. With five million views, it would appear that lots of people agree with me.

Who knew that an innocent coconut could so easily turn into a spitting, hissing ball of fire? I guess that’s what happens when you apply boiling hot metal to a relatively soft surface. Who’d have thought?

If molten copper isn’t really your thing, then I would advise you check out Lauri Vuohensilt’s YouTube channel, in which he crushes things to smithereens with his hydraulic press. In his most recent video, he makes the dreams of all of us poor souls without a dishwasher come true.


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