Wife Keeps Showing Her Husband Pics of Her ‘New Look.’ That’s When He Has to Tell The Truth

Clint Edwards and his wife, Mel, only dated each other for about a year before they got married. Almost eleven years and three kids later, they’re still together.

However, it was when Clint was driving in the car with his wife one random day that he realized something was different.


He tells Babble that Mel was showing him a new app she downloaded on her phone that changes up her look for her. At every stop light, she asked Clint what he thought of each new look.

“I never really know what to say in these kinds of situations, so I just nodded and said things like, ‘Yeah … that looks nice,’ or ‘Sure, the hair is a cool color.’”

Clint could tell Mel was getting frustrated with him. She wanted to feel sexy — despite being in her thirties, a wife, and a mom to three kids — and her husband wasn’t helping her figure out what she needed to do in order to feel that way.


And though he knew that is what she wanted, this is what he really wanted to her to know:

“So little of what I find sexy about her has to do with looks alone and everything to do with who she is as a mother and wife.”

Clint tells Independent Journal Review that when he met his wife, he thought she was very cute, attractive, funny, and charming, and he admits that a lot of what he first liked about Mel was physical.

“She was just this sweet charming person that I liked having around and I couldn’t stop thinking about her. But there’s a whole lot more depth to it when you’ve lived with someone for 11 years and you watch them have your children.
You watch them care for them and you watch them support you, and then you care for their children and support them in their endeavors, it’s not about that chemical reaction anymore. It’s still there, but there is just so much more depth to it.”

What Clint loves more than that chemical reaction they first felt eleven years ago is the way Mel frets over their children. The way she can soothe their children at her hip while continuing to work on a term paper.


Knowing that he can depend on her and that she supports him and that he can trust her 100 percent is the most attractive thing to him now.

And Clint hopes Mel would agree.


That’s what Clint told her that day in the car, and although Mel still wants to feel the sexiness she felt when they first got married, she just smiled at Clint’s response and said, “I love you.”

“I think the more you can cherish and appreciate and love the person you’re with the more it helps you and influences your family.” Clintsays. “Cherish your wife and love your children and do it in that order.”


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