Șirnea | A 26-year old Romanian woman has filed for divorce as she is accusing her husband of only two months of being a werewolf.

Surprisingly, the young woman that alleges that she was unaware of his “condition” before she accepted his proposal last February claims she has proof that her partner is in fact a werewolf.

Ana Kovacs claims her husband attacked a local sheep herd on April 4th, during the last full moon, as she spied on her husband after believing he was having an affair when he disappeared one night. She explained to the judge that she saw her husband “running naked in the cold weather” and “acting like a wild animal”. She also claims he “attacked several sheep” but fled before doing any harm to the animals when the local farmer noticed his animals were in distress and came to their rescue.

Ana Kovacs also told the judge her husband had strong mood swings during the full moon, a fact she claims is proof of his “peculiar condition”.

I dearly love my husband, but days before the full moon rises, he gets in such an awful mood, it becomes unbearable she explained to the court. He starts barking after dogs and cats in the neighborhood and his appetite for sex is insatiable she explained. Sometimes, he can spend hours chasing after squirrels, it just makes me go insane! she told local reporters afterward.

Although accusations of witchcraft and sorcery were still fairly common in 19th century Romania, this is the first case where a man is accused of being a werewolf since Adamus Popesciu was burned to the stake in the small town of Gratvia, Romania, in 1719.

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