Woman Gets Pregnant With Someone Else’s Boyfriend’s Child, But Look What Happens When She Confronts The Girlfriend!

This is a seriously messed up situation. When this woman fell pregnant with another lady’s boyfriend, she could never have imagined what would happen next. She thought that the father of her child’s girlfriend needed to know the truth, and so she decided her to drop her a quick WhatsApp message. Already, my jaw is dropping. No girl wants to get a text from a random stranger saying that your boyfriend has gotten them pregnant. No, sir!

First of all, when she begins to text who she thinks is the woman, she is very polite about the entire thing. Understanding that this is quite possibly the WORST text the girl will ever get, she keeps things short and simple.


What she fails to realize is the fact that the person she’s texting is NOT actually the girlfriend of the father. Oh no, it is actually a random stranger, who is just going along with the whole thing for a laugh. This has to be one of the cruelest practical jokes I’ve seen in quite some time. Yikes.

I mean, at first, she must have been confused to find that the girlfriend had NO idea which boyfriend she was talking about. Then, the stranger just starts trolling the woman and going along with the whole conversation.


The stranger starts sending loads of pictures to the woman, asking her to helpfully identify the correct Sam. She gives the pregnant woman no end of options. After all, she would not want to get confused about which Sam has got this lady pregnant.


For some utterly bizarre reason, the woman who is pregnant does not find this funny at all. Instead, she begins getting a little mad at the stranger (who, of course, she still thinks is the father of her child’s real girlfriend). “Do you honestly think youre [sic] funny?” she asks.


Of course, the stranger is having the time of their life. They do actually think that the entire thing is very, very funny. And they don’t mind telling the pregnant woman all about it. “This whole situation is funny!” they text back immediately, “And I’m hilarious!”

Outraged, the pregnant woman starts to get seriously irate about things. She honestly cannot believe that the other woman would find out that her boyfriend had cheated and react this way. I’m guessing that she was hoping for a little drama to unfold as well. Unfortunately, that was so not what she was going to get today!


It seems as though the stranger is having a great time. Now that they are done sending loads of memes out to the woman, they start doing something else – correcting their grammar. This is the weirdest way to prank someone ever, yet it really seems to work.

Then the stranger decides to make a joke about the places that Sam took the girl… Like the Spur. She says that he should have taken her to McDonald’s instead because she really needs a Happy Meal. At this point, you can tell that the woman is so mad!


Plus, when the woman asks if the stranger thinks that they’re funny once again, they start sending memes again. Apparently, they think that this is the best way to make their point. In no time at all, the situation starts to get even worse!

The pregnant lady starts demanding to speak to Sam. I’m guessing that the entire reason she text (or thought she text) his girlfriend in the first place was so that he’d start talking to her again. Well, it doesn’t all go quite as she planned.



 Of course, the stranger sees this as an excellent opportunity to start making some rather dark jokes about having Sam in the boot of their car. As you might imagine, the jokes DON’T go down so well.8

Finally, after a few more jokes (which we all enjoyed!), the woman realizes something crucial that she has been missing the WHOLE time. She has the wrong number. This isn’t Sam’s girlfriend at all. Oops! Well, this is kind of awkward…


Even after the truth is out, the stranger still keeps making jokes about having Sam in the boot of their car. This is actually one of the funniest things I have read in a really long time. When I read the entire conversation, I just could not stop laughing!



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