Woman Kills Swan By Dragging It From Lake For Selfie


This surreal and haunting photo depicts the very moment a woman in Macedonia dragged a swan out of a lake so that she could pose with it, before dumping the bird and leaving it to die.

Numerous photos show the woman clenching onto the unsuspecting swan’s wing, by the shoreline of Lake Ohrid, and tugging at it as the bird fights and struggles against her, reports the Daily Mail.

The woman, thought to be from Bulgaria, smiles at the camera despite the swan’s frantic attempts to be freed.


This shocking news comes just two weeks after a baby dolphin was killed by tourists in Argentina, who pulled it from the water to take selfies with it.

The La Plata dolphin died as a result of severe dehydration and ‘rough handling’ by a crowd of overeager tourists.


The Argentinian Wildlife Foundation went on to issue a public reminder about the vulnerable La Plata dolphins – of which there are only 30,000 left in the world.

The species’ conservation is of particular concern because they often swim close to the shoreline, where they are frequently tangled in fishing equipment.


The above pictures show the poor creature’s final moments, as the still trigger happy people continued to snap up pictures of the dying mammal instead of calling for help.

The photos caused international outrage when they emerged in February, and rightly so, as far as we’re concerned.


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