Woman Responds To Creepy Advances Online In The Perfect Way

As a rule, the internet is full of really strange people. From those spam accounts that follow your Instagram and can get you ‘thousands of follows super fast!!!’, to the people that make themselves comfortable in your ‘Other’ messages folder on Facebook with beautiful poems, marriage proposals and friendship requests.
Michelle Silveira knew this problem all too well. On a near-daily basis, she’d find herself receiving unsolicited messages from men she didn’t even know. So the 25-year-old from Mumbai decided to take matters into her own hands, and reply in her own strange way.


Michelle Silviera, a 25-year-old accounts manager from Mumbai, tended to receive some pretty strange messages from men she didn’t know. To combat this, Silviera came up with a fool-proof battle plan: to reply with the strangest message possible, so that these men had no option but to ignore the message. They got the message, and it’s safe to say she’s not going to be bothered again any time soon.




There’s even more of Michelle’s witty responses. where she uses the age-old excuse of teaching her owl to tap dance and threatens to hit one of the men with a chair. Big claims right there.

Michelle Silviera is our new heroine, after seeing how she deals with some creepy messages by men she’s never met. Speaking to Buzzfeed, she says “‘I think mostly I didn’t understand what they expected to get out of texting someone random so I guess I wanted to see how they would handle getting replies as random as that.” We can indeed confirm that these are some super strange responses Michelle is coming up with, and you can check them out below.





We’re going to take a few tips from Michelle, now that we know sending responses as strange as hers works like a dream. Check out the video on the next page for more dating nightmares, where a guy’s date gets hijacked by his flatmates.

Dating is a tricky old business, as Michelle Silviera knows far too well. Her sassy replies leave little to the imagination, but at least she gets the message across! This guy’s date definitely gets the message too, but it’s not quite the message he wants to give out when she storms out of his house.


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