Woman Says “I Got Pregnant On Spaceship During Alien Abduction”


A woman who had been trying for years, without success, to have a baby, says she finally fell pregnant after being inseminated by aliens during an abduction.

Shaquana Jones was allegedly taken against her will by alien humanoids while she was coming back from a party at one of her friend’s house.

The 36-year old Popeye’s Chicken employee claims that she was taken aboard a tarnished circular looking vessel, where some strange creatures examined her reproductive system and conducted experiments on her.


“I was driving just a few miles outside of Detroit when the engine of my car suddenly died, claims Ms. Jones. “At the same time, an object with purple lights descended from the sky, straight at me. A bunch of humanoids in spacesuits emerged from the ship and took me on board. They subjected me to what seemed like a really creepy medical examination, involving a bunch of needles and syringes. It was the scariest experience in my life!”

According to Ms. Jones, her experience then took an even weirder turn, as she was given a series of bizarre tests, involving sensory hyperstimulation. These allegedly caused a lot of pain at first, but resulted in some kind of religious experiences.

“There was various blinding lights of different colors, and then some deafening noises”she says. “It was so intense that it was both painful and amazing, all at once. Then they came with a huge syringe containing some purple gooey substance, and injected it in my belly. It was so painful, that I lost consciousness. When I woke up, I was lying on the ground next to my car, and four hours had gone by.”

Ms. Jones, who had recently been told by her doctor that she was sterile, began to get some strange sensations a few weeks later and decided to take a pregnancy test. The test turned out positive, confirming her fears that she was carrying the child of an alien lifeform.

Despite her explanation and the evidence gathered by the police on the site of her abduction, her husband decided to leave her, convinced that her pregnancy was the result of an act of infidelity.

She insists, however, that she did not commit adultery, and that her pregnancy is the result of her abduction.

She will undergo an extensive set of medical tests next week, at the Detroit medical center, which might make it possible to determine the actual nature of her pregnancy.

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