Woman Sues Ellen’s Television Show Over Mispronunciation Of Name For A Joke

How far is too far? That is the question of the day for Ellen DeGeneres and her lawyers as they face what has the potential to be a rather sticky lawsuit. Read on to see how one woman is not being subtle about her feelings on this beloved comedian’s sense of humor.

On her world-famous talk show, Ellen DeGeneres not only interviews celebrity guests and sings and dances her heart out for audiences far and wide, but she also indulges in a bit of innocent mockery of the general public. Well, at least she thought it was innocent. Turns out, a Georgia real estate agent didn’t find the mockery quite so innocent after all.

During a skit titled “What’s Wrong with These Signs?”, DeGeneres went through a series of posters and signs found out in the wilds of American cities. One advertisement for a house listing read, “Titi Pierce” as the name of the real estate agent handling the property, and the host couldn’t help but make a play on the first name, associating it with a previous sign advertising a Nipple Home. While the joke was meant to be in good fun, Ms. Pierce was not laughing.


On her way to a funeral at the time of the show’s February 22nd airing, Pierce began receiving prank calls by the hundreds as her cell phone number, which also appeared on the signage, was not blurred out by the staff of the Ellen show before being displayed across America’s televisions.


She is now armed with an attorney and suing the lovable superstar for defamation of character, invasion of privacy, and emotion distress.



Pierce explains that her name, meaning “flower” in Nigerian, has never been mispronounced or made fun of in her 35 years of life, and she is outraged by the treatment she has received as a result of the show. The clip has now been pulled from the internet as the two prepare to battle it out in court.


We can only hope both parties are able to settle their differences once they get things off their chests!


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