Woman Takes Selfies While Driving, Dies In Fatal Car Accident

Using a cell phone while driving is kind of like smoking. People know they shouldn’t do it, but many still do. There have been quite a few ad campaigns by cell phone companies and others that urge people to stop texting while driving.

We’ve all heard AT&T’s “It can wait” campaign and seen the harrowing commercials. Unfortunately, car accidents caused by cell phone use behind the wheel still happen all the time. The tragic death of Courtney Sanford, a 32-year-old North Carolina woman, is just one example of the grave consequences of this behavior.

Courtney was driving to work when she decided to post some selfies to Facebook, in addition to a status update. She was listening to the Pharrell song, “Happy,” and felt the need to share her happiness with her friends and family.

She wrote out the words “The Happy Song, makes me so HAPPY,” and then posted this update to Facebook.


Little did she know that those would be her last words. Sadly, while Courtney was posting this, her car veered across the center median into oncoming traffic traveling at 45 miles per hour.


Courtney’s Toyota Corolla hit a large recycling truck before going off the road, crashing into a tree, and setting on fire. She died instantly. Courtney posted her status update at 8:33 AM, and the first 911 call came in just 1 minute later, at 8:34.


When police and firemen arrived on the scene, they found her cell phone with the post still on the screen. Police Lieutenant Chris Weisner, who worked on the crash, said, “As sad it is, it’s also a grim reminder…that you have to pay attention when you’re in the car.” Please don’t use your cell phone when you’re behind the wheel! In the words of AT&T, it can wait.



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