Woman’s House Decorations for Halloween Are So Frightening People Walking By Are Calling for Help

Larethia Haddon has been getting more of a reaction than she bargained for as a result of her Halloween decorations this year.

According to WJBK News, Haddon, who lives on Detroit’s west side, set up the display as part of an annual tradition.


She’s a huge fan of the holiday and enjoys getting into the spirit of things, but this year, her extremely life-like dummy has been a more effective in scaring the neighbors than she expected.

Haddon says that she has had people pull over, knock on her door, and even try to give the dummy CPR. Fortunately, once they realize that it’s a dummy, not a person, things calm down considerably.


Haddon claims she never intended to frighten people so badly— her intention was purely to make them laugh. She says that the local police definitely take the Halloween decor in the spirit it was intended.

“The police? They have a great reaction, they just laugh and laugh it off,” she told WJBK.
The paramedics, however, aren’t quite as amused.

“The EMS drivers, they have a different opinion about it,” said Haddon.
Despite the confusion it caused for a few, Haddon says that the dummy has become popular with the rest of the neighborhood.

“[I]t makes their day,” she laughed.

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