WTF!!! ​Drunk Woman Breaks Into A Zoo And Gets Bitten By A Tiger


Have you ever been so drunk that you wanted to sneak into a zoo and pet a tiger? Us either…but that’s what this 33-year-old Omaha woman did on Halloween!

Jacqueline Eide had too much to drink on Halloween night, stayed up ’til morning, and decided to sneak into the Omaha zoo. What happened next is one of those things that just make you wanna shake your head…

Eide stuck her hand into the cage of an 18-year-old, three-legged, Malayan tiger named Mai. Now we all know that reaching into a tiger’s cage isn’t the smartest idea. Ask any preschool kid and they’ll even tell you what’s gonna happen next! Ouuuuuuccccchhhhh!

And what was expected to happen….yup it happened. The tiger bit Eide’s left hand. Now she might lose a couple fingers and is being charged with criminal trespassing! She had to be drunk off her ass. WTF?!!!

Luckily for Eide, her friend snuck in with her and was able to drive her to the hospital. Trespassing and common sense are not these girls game. How crazy is this!