3 Years Ago Their Daughter Had A Devastating Birthday. This Year, the Reason Why Is Given Back

Three years ago Rob Deaton and his wife Brittany lost an important member of their family. While they were out town, their pit bull Isis, who was been taking care at another house, was stolen during a home invasion.


As reported by WTHR, Isis was stolen the 6th of June 2012, right around the birthday of Deaton’s youngest daughter. 

However, the family never lost hope that they would see her again, and for three years they tried to find her any way they could.


But on Sunday, June 7, 2015, Casa del Toro Pit Bull Rescue gave a glimmer of hope to the family when they posted photos of a new rescue named “Paloma,” a pit bull, from another shelter.

When Brittany saw the photos she immediately contacted them.


Can someone please contact me this looks exactly like my baby who was stolen out of our house in indianapolis 3 years ago we have never stopped looking for her and never will! Please someone contact me I will send pictures of her. her name was Isis she would be 6 now I will do what ever it takes to come see her we will even adopt her back what ever it takes we have her papers and everything please contact me!” Brittany wrote onFacebook.

Hours later, the glimmer of hope became full-blown joy. Paloma was indeed Isis. 4


Thanks everyone!!! Words could never fill the shoes of what we are feeling right now. I’ve lost many nights of sleep, waking up crying, and us as a family consoling one another praying that if she was still out there please just let her be ok. Thanks Casa del Toro, Johnny Ping and Janis Jessup you all are truly amazing people. Thanks to the others that still stayed in contact with hopes to bring this baby girl home. Icy girl we love you and so happy and blessed to have you home! Rob wrote on Facebook.

6The family says that the return of Isis is wonderful, and that, “She acts like she was never gone.”

For the Deaton family, the timely return of Isis gives them twice the reason to celebrate this June.


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