7-Year-Old Girl Explains Why Down Syndrome Is Not Something Scary But Exciting

Sofia Sanchez that is 7-year-old has Down syndrome. She had been left at birth and grew up in a small city in Ukraine in an orphanage for its first year of her life. Her life changed when she had been embraced by Hector and Jennifer Sanchez at 2010 and they were joined by her . Model and Sophia loves to perform, so she is not scared to be in the front of the camera. When she was interviewed by her mother and asked her several questions about Down syndrome in honour of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, she was prepared to provide her answers. Not merely are the words inspirational of Sophia, she’s sending a message about how to examine the world no matter what challenges you might encounter or how you’re born! Sofia tells her mother that she’s smart and that she could do anything she puts her head, so she considers that Down syndrome is not “scary” but leaves lifestyle “exciting.”

Here’s the short video in full of Jennifer asking her daughter a few questions about having Down Syndrome, and Sofia’s wonderful answers.


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