A Bully Poured Super Glue In This Girl’s Hair

Hannah Combs, a fourteen year old girl, faced one of the brutal pranks which changed her life. On the first day to school, before the class started she stood in front of the school building with her friends. When she was enjoying the conversation suddenly one of her schoolmate came from behind and poured super glue on her head in large quantity. The glue leaked into her scalp and she felt as if somebody had kindled her head. She felt miserably painful due to the burning of her scalp as a result of the chemical in the glue.1

The tormented girl’s hair

She immediately rushed into nurse’s office to get some medications and treatment which could relieve her from the horrible burning pain in the scalp. Due to the traumatic pain she could hardly speak and explain what happened with her to the staff when they questioned her about the incidence. One of her friends informed her parents about the tragedy and they immediately reached the school and were very enraged seeing the discipline of the school. The boy who bullied Hannah did not speak up until her father Christian Grimmer, a retired soldier, intimidated him to call the police.


Doctors revealed that it’s a first degree burn

When her parents took her to the specialist medical practitioner afterwards, he revealed that it is a first degree burn after inspecting her scalp. The right side of her head which was exposed to the super glue had turned into mess. Her hair were entwined with each other and completely ruined. She therefore decided to shave the right side of her head.

The ghost at feast-The only thing she loved about herself was shaved


This was the worst gift which any freshman can get as welcome. She never would have thought that her first day could turn up so horrendous. But Hannah was brave girl, though in pain, she still went to school next day but the presence of that bully boy in the school compound made her upset. The boy was given in-school suspension for 3 days but as requested by her parents he was not thrown out of the school.  Hannah parents did not calm up easily and requested the authorities several times to transfer the boy to some other school within the district but all ended in vain.

Internet gave the support which school was expected to give

4Her mother, Jessica Grimmer, highly disappointed by schools attitude posted on Facebook the whole story explaining the agony which her daughter suffered.  The internet took the suffering with Hannah in a heartbeat and in a weak the post was shared 90000 times and got 12000 likes. Her mother than created a page “Justice for Hannah”, and she was happy to see the response which came on the page. All over the world people gave comments which kept Hannah’s spirit high and her page caught the eye of a hair stylist of a renowned salon in her place who offered to cut her hair and style it in a way which can make her shaved right side head symmetrical. 5

She overcomes it strongly with support of her family and friends and now she wills to stand for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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