A Dangerous Trend In Australia Is Shocking Doctors Around The World. Women Start Smoking While They Are Pregnant!

Childbirth and pregnancy are very complicated processes from start to finish, well, at least they are once you get out of the making it happen part.

There’s about a million different things you could do that could mess with a baby during pregnancy, but smoking is one of the big ones doctors warn against. It can cause premature births, less weight in the baby, ADD, a miscarriage and a whole other slew of different health problems. The baby could even die.


Even if they manage to survive the pregnancy without any serious complications the effects can always be seen a little bit later on, or sometimes you can get lucky – but no doctor would advise risking that. Because of that knowledge most women tend to quit smoking the moment they figure out there’s a whole new person growing inside of them, but apparently many women in Australia have been taking a turn for the moronic.


Apparently this new trend has been emerging in the pregnant women of the former penal colony where they pick up smoking just to decrease the baby weight to make the birthing process a little easier on them. Let’s recap: PREGNANT women are smoking cigarettes specifically aiming for a health problem in the baby solely for selfish reasons. The idea emerged thanks all to the warning labels featured on the packs of smokes down there which warned of the dangers of low-birth weight in babies, and the particularly skinny women picked it up like candy.


Please, if you see a pregnant woman smoking cigarettes then don’t explain the health issues for her, start talking about the health issues for the baby. If at that point the mother ignores you or blows you off then you already know how selfish she is and there’s probably no amount of logic that could help. Come on people, don’t risk the health of a baby just for a smoke, it isn’t and never will be worth it.


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