A Drunk Nurse Switched Two Babies at Birth, and the Parents Didn’t Realize Until 10 Years Later!

In 1994, a French woman, just 18 years old, named Sophie Serrano gave birth to a daughter.


However, as her marriage dissolved almost a decade later, she learned from a paternity DNA test that neither she nor her husband were the biological parents of the girl they had raised as their own.

The details are almost too insane to believe, and another family had to learn out of nowhere that the child they raised wasn’t their own either.

Learn the jaw-dropping details here.

Sophie’s daughter, who was born with jaundice, was placed next to another baby in an incubator.



Though he was unfaithful several times, he threw the accusation of infidelity back at Sophie and demanded a paternity test.

The results showed that not only was Davy not the father, but Sophie wasn’t the mother!

Their world was turned upside down, and they had no idea what could explain their current situation.


Not only was she concerned about the relationship with Manon, but she wondered with great worry, what became of her biological daughter, who she hadn’t seen but for a second after giving birth.


Months went by with no answers, tearing the family apart.

Authorities began piecing the puzzle together slowly.


They learned Sophie’s biological daughter was named Mathilde, and lived far away on an island in the Indian Ocean.

The two families met to discuss their circumstances, but went their separate ways due to the stress of the heart-wrenching situation.


Neither girl asked to be returned to their biological parents, so the families stayed intact.


It wasn’t until 2015 that Sophie and her family found out about the alcoholic nurse and received a massive settlement from the clinic responsible for the mix-up.


The money was cold comfort, as Sophie still suffered from panic attacks and crippling self-doubt from the ordeal.

She checked herself into a psychiatric hospital to deal with her issues.

Sophie has a new child, Jesse, with a new partner, and she said that’s helped heal her many wounds.


“Jessy has given me a new chance to prove that I am a mother who can protect her own children. Even though the court decided I had been in no way to blame, I had always felt a little culpable because I had not insisted when I felt there was a problem with my first baby.”

“My feelings for Manon are eternal and as powerful as those I have for my other children. There is no difference.”


The family now lives in the South of France.

Manon is now 21, with younger siblings Laura, 17, and Mickael, 12, along with young Jesse.


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