A Fallen Soldier And His K9 Arrive Home. What The Baggage Handlers Do Broke Me

Every so often, a somber group of Delta employees gathers on the tarmac at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta Georgia to greet the arrival of a plane with an important delivery in the cargo hold — the remains of a military veteran.

The Delta Honor Guard, as the group of volunteers calls itself, holds a brief ceremony amid the bustle of ground operations at the airport as the casket is unloaded from the belly of the plane.

Volunteers in blue jumpsuits line up holding flags — including one for each branch of service and an American flag — and dip them to a 45-degree angle as the casket emerges. Afterward, they read a prayer, give the escort a special Delta Honor Guard coin to be passed onto the next of kin, and the casket is transferred to a special flag-painted cart.

As you watch the video, notice the number of people watching from inside the terminal. Most people have no idea Delta even does this. This soldier was a K9 soldier with a dog trained to find IED’s. Yes, the second small coffin is the soldiers partner. This is a soldier and his dog who died for us. My Hat’s off to Delta for honoring our fallen soldiers in this respectful way.


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