A hangover clinic has opened in Australia


Just in time for the festive season, Australia’s first Hangover Clinic has opened its doors.

Aussies who wake up with their head feeling several sizes too big and last night’s kebab threatening to make an untimely exit can head over to the Sydney clinic and get cured within half an hour.

But if the booze doesn’t make you want to throw up, the prices might. An IV drip and vitamin cocktail comes to $140AUD (£66). A one-hour treatment involving a hydration drip, oxygen therapy and more vitamins totals $200AUD (£95).

Think how many pints you could buy with that.


‘We’ve had a lot of people saying, “I can’t drink like I used to. I can’t recover like I used to,”‘ the clinic’s Max Petro told 3News NZ.

‘As we all know, some hangovers can be terrible and some people can’t even get out of bed.’

Critics say that a bad hangover is a reminder not to drink so much, and the clinic could therefore encourage binge drinking.

‘We don’t sell any alcohol,’ Mr Petro says.

‘There’s no one binge drinking in our clinic. We’re just there to make sure people can get on with their day.’


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