A Husband Surprises His Wife With a Kitchen Makeover! But Her Reaction is Not What He Expected…

Friends and family gathered as a devoted husband surprised his wife with a kitchen makeover! After spending weeks renovating the kitchen to give his wife what she had always dreamed of, he was finally ready for the big reveal.

He spent $60,000 by adding in a ton of upgrades —an island bar, ice machine, two stoves, two coffee makers, all of which he mentioned the wife said she always wanted.

But the grand reveal did not end in a happy reunion like he had expected when she came home after a vacation. In enters the wife, as everyone gathered with cameras and smiles.

“What do you think?” he asked with excitement in his voice.
“I don’t like that color,” were the first words out of her mouth as she looked in disgust at the yellow walls. [Insert awkward laugh here.] “It’s a puke yellow color,” she went on to say. “Who the f*** needs two stoves? … I said I wanted something nice, ‘like wow,’” were a few other things that she spouted off to her now depressed husband.

Even when he mentions he spent $60,000 on the home makeover, the wife still calls it “f***ing stupid” before walking out.

Then came the disbelief and hoots and hollers from family as the camera turns to the husband’s stunned and hurt face. Everyone was in shock and disbelief from what they just witnessed.

Do you think the wife reacted harshly, or did you hate the kitchen too?


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