A Mom Decided to Test Whether Her Son Knew Not to Let Strangers In. When He Goes to the Door…

Parents warn their children about “stranger danger” and teach them things such as not to open the door to them or talk to them. But what if the person isn’t exactly a “stranger”?

TODAY asked that question, & the results were heart-stopping.

Here are some additional tips for parents, stemming from a KKTV 11 hidden camera experiment with kids and strangers:

  • Ensure children know they should call the police if they feel frightened.
  • Provide the children a way to see who is at the door without being seen. If the kids are seen but no one answers the door, the person at the door will quickly realize they are home alone.
  • If the kids can see who is at the door without being seen, it also helps them give a description to parents and police.

The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) advises parents to practice various scenarios with their children, so that kids will feel more confident if they’re ever faced with a potentially dangerous situation.


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