A Student Brings His Entire Class To Their Feet When He Says THIS. By 1:48, My Jaw Dropped

When this graduate was asked to give a speech to his fellow students, no one had any idea he was about to give one of the most inspiring speeches they’d ever heard.

From the very first seconds of his speech, I just could not look away — and his enthusiastic and emotional fellow graduates make it clear that they feel the same way.

The powerful timbre of this young man’s voice is impressive enough, but his honest and total control over the English language is amazing to say the least. With an oratory gift that would make anyone jealous, this young graduate obviously has a very fulfilling life ahead of him.

He goes through “The ABCs of life.” And, after listening to him break down his advice so clearly, we should take all of these reminders with us throughout our lives. From “A,” for accepting the challenge, and “B,” for believing in ourselves, all the way up to “Z,” being zealous when we reach the top, this graduate passes on 26 pieces of wisdom we should all use in our everyday lives.

With these sage words of advice, we’re sure that the graduating class of 2015 will be more than prepared to take on whatever it is that life throws their way!

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