A Woman Turned Down An Arranged Marriage ‘Cause The Guy Said She Had To Give Up Her Dog

What happens when a marriage proposal turns awry? No one wants a marriage proposal that is perfect on all terms to be declined just because of a dog. It is hard to believe, that a dog can be the sole reason for a girl declining marriage to a guy who has a problem with her pet dog. when it came to choose between a dog and a man, with whom she is going to spend her life, she choose the obvious – her dog! Lets meet one such girl.


Karishma Walia, is a modern educated girl who will not bend down to conventional Indian thinking of giving priority to a marriage. A true Bengaluru girl, and currently Gurugram resident, Karishma is like any other normal girl her age. She works as an Analyst in a Multi National Company.


As she got a marriageable age, her parents found an eligible match. Everything was going fine for them. Karishma’s parents were happy,  as the boy was from well to do, rich and affluent family from New Delhi.

One fine day, the man in question, asked Karishma about her dog – Lucy. Apparently, he had a problem with her dog. This angered Karishma, that she promptly called off the marriage. Karishma’s parents were definitely not happy with it. They reasoned that this boy was too good to be declined. And that too, for a dog! The boy was rich and good looking too. There was some sort of pressure from her family to consider her decision. They felt that it was a wrong decision on Karishma’s part by raising an issue of dog.


The relationship of human and a dog is pure form of love. Karishma experienced one such love, that nothing was important than Lucy. No relation can be greater than that of dog and a human.

Karishma mentions that the boy is still pestering her to reconsider her decision regarding Lucy. The guy thinks that dog might be a temporary phase in her life, but decisions regarding marriage should be serious. When it comes to Lucy, nothing can deter Karishma from her decision.


Karishma further reveals that she will not take things lying down when it comes to deciding between Lucy or this guy. In another instance, the guy even stooped to say that if dog is so important to Karishma, then she might as well marry the dog instead of him! The guy is not able to digest the fact and understand that why this dog is of so much importance to Karishma. This holds true for the person who has a pet and is very attached to him.

The person, who was Karishma getting married to, though was rich and well to do, but this thoughts said otherwise. He was of the opinion that for a girl, a family should be a priority and not a career. Karishma, being an Analyst have always wanted a career for herself. Karishma could take it no longer, when he made nasty remarks about the dog. She herself is clueless, as to why her family thinks that he is the perfect eligible bachelor.


Karishma is a real fighter. She says that she is still in talks with him. She is upset with him as he is quite full of himself and has been enforcing his decisions on her.

Karishma has set an example for lot of girls, who succumb under family pressure and get married to educated and well to do man, who thinks nothing less of himself. Nothing is more important than your self respect and your desires.Hats off to Karishma, who loves Lucy and will do anything for her, even if that meant, declining the marriage proposal.

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