Abandoned Baby Left To Die, When This Unexpected Hero Comes In To Do This

In the streets of Obninsk, western Russia, a baby was left abandoned to die. The baby wasn’t alone, though. A tabby cat came by and saw the baby in distress. It meowed to draw attention to the baby in the streets and even climbed into the bin the baby was left in to keep him warm.

Irina Lavrova, 68, stepped out of the house to take care of the trash when she heard the cries of the tabby cat. Irina seriously couldn’t believe what had happened and immediately called for help.

The baby was left alone in this bin:


It turns out the cat’s name is Masha. She’s a communal cat as everyone takes turns caring for her. It’s no surprise her mothering instincts kicked in this time around.


The baby was quickly taken away to a hospital. Luckily, doctors found no sign of injury or harm.
Thank goodness for Masha who was there to save the day!
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