After Everything His Wife Did, Rory Feek Opens Up And Confesses He’s ‘Confused’

Rory and Joey Feek were a well loved couple, but in a recent interview with People magazine Rory expresses his ‘confusion’ after his wife Joey’s death. Earlier this year, his wife passed away from cancer at a very young 40 years of age. Rory said that there are so many people in the world that are really, really unhealthy. They don’t even try to be healthy. Yet, Joey made good decisions and did everything possible to live a very healthy lifestyle. Despite all of her efforts, his wife still succumbed to cancer. It just made absolutely no sense.


The country crooner goes on to describe how their last trip to Indiana, where Joey’s family and sisters live, turned from a few days into many, many months. Naturally, Joey did not want to leave the company of the most precious people in her life. Pictured below, her family can all be seen with shaved heads, in support of Joey’s very tough cancer journey. Rory said that his wife loved being in the place where she was born and raised.


With much sadness, Rory has recently announced that he is retiring from the wonderful world of country music. As a duo, Joey and Rory loved to perform but now that his wife is gone he feels he should focus on his family instead.


Rory remains living on their farm in Pottsville, Tennessee with their two-year-old daughter Indiana. He still doesn’t quite understand why this happened to his healthy wife, but he knows that he must remain strong for the sake of his family. Besides, their daughter Indiana, Rory has two other daughters from his previous relationship, whom Joey was a mother figure for as well. Now he is simply trying to pick up the pieces and focus on being a father for his girls.


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