After You See What Happens, You’ll Freeze Lemons For The Rest Of Your Life!

Lemons are highly nutritious foods as they have important vitamins that serve to better our health. More and more people are adding lemons to their daily water intake in order to gain not just great taste but better nutrition while preventing ailments.

Limonoids are the unique compounds that lemons contain. They prevent the proliferation of cancer cells. This is especially important in breast cancer. Studies have shown positive effects are experienced on the entire body and thus it’s a good idea to take in lemons on a regular basis. Here’s the thing though. It’s actually the peel of the lemon which has the richest source of vitamins and nutrients! So while most of us are busy taking in the juice part, we are throwing out the powerhouse peel part. The peel not only has anti-carcinogenic properties, it also detoxifies the body and protects it from bacteria, fungi, parasites and worms!


So how in the heck do you consume the peel?

Good question, and thankfully, there is a good answer! You simply freeze it!

First, wash the lemons very well. Then put them in the freezer, or better yet, slice into small pieces and freeze the pieces.

When totally frozen, you simply grind them up and then they can easily be added to salads or even desserts. So you not only get added health benefits, you get added taste in your food!

Share this with all of your health conscious friends and family so they can start becoming healthier from eating the powerful lemon peel!



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