Arkansas Man Arrested For “Pimping Beavers” On Craigslist Out Of Dirty Motel


One Arkansas man is under arrest, and 7 beavers taken to safety, after an undercover sting operation led them to a dingy motel. Michael Leonard, 48, was running a type of “beaver sex trafficking operation” out of the Shady Creek Motel in Rogers, Arkansas. Authorities say they received several tips from concerned people in the area after they saw a craigslist ad which offered “favors” with wild animals, specifically beavers.

“After we received several complaints from locals in the state of Arkansas, we looked into the ad,” Said chief of police Ralph Morris. “The craigslist ad read: ‘A REAL good time, no questions asked, payment up front – several beavers to choose from – $50.’  I don’t know how stupid you have to be to put an ad like that in Craigslist, but trust me, this guy was pretty dumb.”

Morris said they communicated with Leonard online, set up the deal, and met at the motel. As soon as the money was exchanged, they took Leonard into custody. Authorities say the motel room was in shambles, lined with cages full of feces and trash. The animals ranged in size from 8 pounds – 32 pounds and they all suffered from physical injuries. The animals were taken to the Arkansas animal foundation, where they received the care that they needed. Injuries included anal lacerations, bruised ribs and fractured bones. Leonard is being charged with cruelty to animals, beastiality, trafficking and resisting arrest. Leonard is held on a $2000 bond.



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