Beer Glass Mysteriously Explodes In Bar

There are countless videos on the Internet boasting to have captured sincere, unaltered, paranormal activity. 

Thanks to modern technology, it’s often hard to determine which of these videos are real and which have been doctored up with special effects.

However, seeing documented ghostly footage straight from a business’ security camera, makes me a bit less skeptical of thevideo’s genuineness.

Keep your eye on the man in the light colored shirt’s pint of beer. As soon as he turns his back for a moment to speak with the bartender, his beer seemingly explodes!

The glass is very clearly untouched by any of the surrounding patrons, yet inexplicably shatters, spilling the contents all over the table and nearby customer.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t see how there’s any other explanation…except…well…a ghost!


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