Behind This Picture is A 63-Year-Old Love Story That Began in Korea And Will Simply Make Your Day

Two weeks ago, a full house showed up at the Capitol Victory Flyover event at the National WWII Memorial in honor of Victory-Europe Day.


Veterans from all conflicts and their families traveled to the nation’s capitol to remember those served in the European Theater of World War II.


That’s when we met Tommy Enyart, who had traveled from Texas to be there.


Tommy, a life long Texan, joined the Navy at the age of 16.


He was stationed in the Philippines during the Korean War.
It was there in 1955 that he met his now wife, Marie. They had a son, Ben, and got married in 1956 in Manila, capitol of Philippines.


Tommy was sent back home that same year and took Ben with him. Unfortunately, Marie had to wait 6 more months until she was able to enter the U.S.


Once Marie was able to move to the U.S., Tommy was temporarily stationed in Oakland, CA. They moved for the last time back to Houston, TX.


Tommy worked at Houston Natural Gas, and Marie made cowboy hats at American Hats until they retired in 1994.


They now have two grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Here they are at year 59 of marriage.


When we met the couple, Marie really wanted a copy of our photo, but the Enyart’s do not own a computer or a cell phone. So they suggested we write down their address and mail them a copy.


We will be sending Tommy and Marie this photo today:
11Thank you for your service and beautiful story.


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