Bride Asks Groom for Special Gift on Their Wedding Day – And Boy Does He Deliver

It’s normally the father-daughter dance at weddings that brings tears of joy and happiness to guests’ eyes.

However, at Evan Hegge and Jenna Van Heek’s wedding reception, it was Evan and his mother, Pam, who stole the spotlight.


According to the Mirror, a few months before the wedding Jenna began hinting to her future husband that she wanted to see something special from him on their wedding day. That’s when Evan — who used to dance with his mother while doing chores as a child — got the idea to challenge Pam to a dance-off.


Evan and his mother told the Argus Leader they both had a blast busting a move for their family and friends.

“It was so much fun doing it and looking out and seeing the faces of family and friends and especially Jenna,” Pam says. “People are smiling and their eyes are big and they’re laughing; that just makes you want to ham it up even more.”

“It will be more than a memory in my brain, it will be something [my grandchildren] can actually view,” Evan explains. “It made everybody laugh, and that’s one of the great things about dancing: You have a good time.”

The new bride got what she asked for and seemingly loved watching her now husband and mother-in-law go head-to-head.


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