Brothers Hear A Neighbor Is Facing Jail Time. Not If They Have Anything To Do About It.

The Reynolds brothers, from Central Texas, were watching the news when they heard about a 75-year-old woman named Gerry Suttle, KWTX reports.

Suttle had a warrant out for her arrest because her grass was was too high.Screen-Shot-2015-06-11-at-4.02.35-PM

So instead of ignoring the fact that maybe the reason her grass wasn’t being cut was because she was unable to do it herself, the brothers jumped into action.

“I really wouldn’t want her coming out here and doing it or paying someone else to when we could have just done if for free,” Brandon Reynolds tells KWTX.

After just two hours — and with help from some others in the community — Suttle’s had a freshly cut yard, that left her uncharacteristically speechless.

“I cannot believe this,” Suttle tells KWTX. “I am very seldom without words. This is one time. You might want to mark it down in history that I didn’t have something to say.”

Now, Suttle hopes she can get the warrant out for her arrest resolved with the judge.


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