Burger King Admits To Using Horse Meat In Burgers, Whoppers


Burger King is known for its rivalry with McDonalds and their constant revamping of their menu. However, there have been a few speculations about their meat that we disregarded ….until now.


Last year (2015), the UK’s Burger King region came under fire due to allegations that their 100% beef meat may not be from cows at all!


For two weeks, their PR team consistently denied the claims and tried to sweep it under the rug. But now…the truth is out: it’s horse meat!


The problem isn’t with Burger King, however. In fact, the issue comes down to BK’s meat supplier — Silvercrest. The distributor’s products, while they claim to be 100% beef, have been proven to contain up to 60% horse meat!


Burger King could have gone to the public and let them know that this was going on, but instead, they tried to keep it hush until it was resolved. Typical PR move.


Fans of the brand now have a difficult question to ask: can we really trust Burger King?


There are other questionable products that BK has put in their food which, to be quite honest, may be even worse than horse meat! Some of its synethic products include e-cigarette fillers (used for their nuggets), foamed plastic (used for their buns, croutons and French toast) and maltodextrin!


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