Burglar Thought He Could Prey On A Sleeping Man. Guess Who Ends Up Running to the Hospital…

One burglar just learned the hard way that if you’re going to try to check if a homeowner is asleep before breaking in, it’s better not to wake them up in the process. Also, it doesn’t matter how elderly that homeowner is when he’s alert and armed.

As the Kingsport Times-News reports, 70-year-old Ronald Dykes was in bed and half asleep when he was awakened by a light being shone through the window of his home in Kingsport, Tennessee.kingsport

Dykes realized that the man with the flashlight was trying to see if the house’s occupant was asleep, so decided to play along as the man outside broke the window and began to enter the room.

That’s when Dykes shot the intruder in self-defense.

The man fled, and according to WCYB News, was later located at Holston Valley Medical Center, where he had sought treatment for his injuries. Dykes said that this was the first time he had ever fired his gun at someone.

“I hated to shoot him,” Dykes told the Times-News.

Dykes spent a day or so recovering from the shock of the incident, but says he’s “pretty well settled” now. Local authorities have said that Dykes will face no charges for the shooting.

Now others may think twice before trying to burglarize elderly individuals— they may be older, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t ready to jump into action.


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