Bus with 27 screaming children crashes into a lake filled with alligators and this 10-year-old saved the day.

The unimaginable happened in Florida. A bus, full of kids on their way home from school, ends up careening off the road, and goes straight into a lake!a

Here’s what 10-year-old Nicholas Sierra had to say about the horrifying ordeal, and how this was not just any ordinary type of lake:

“The bus was out of control. I saw the driver hit the brakes, but nothing happened.”

Then the bus went into the lake. But as it turns out, this lake was actually full of alligators!


This kid was not going to waste anytime. Nicholas in fact knew that time was of the essence in this dangerous situation, so while his classmates were screaming, he was putting a girl on his back and carrying her to safety on the shore.

But then Nicholas turned right around. He actually went back to the bus, and retrieved another two kids, bringing them to safety as well.


Meanwhile, parents were learning about what had happened. Terrified, they began rushing to the scene, hoping to rescue their child. But Nicholas was the savior here, as everyone was safe, and miraculously only one child suffered an injury, which was nothing more than a small cut!


Really incredible how such a young child can spring into action. At 10-years-old Nicholas did something which most adults wouldn’t be able to do – not panic and focus on saving lives as quickly and calmly as possible! Great job Nicholas!

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