Cameras Spot Her Leaving Home, But The Man Following Her NEVER Thought She’d Do This

His name is Muharrem and he was born deaf. Ever since he was a little kid, he had to struggle to communicate with strangers who mostly don’t know sign language and find it really hard to establish a conversation with a hearing impaired person. So one day, his sister decided to give him a special surprise. In the following clip Muharrem doesn’t suspect a thing, he has no idea that when he exits this building after his sister, his entire world is going to change. Samsung teamed up with his sister to create a world where everyone knows sign language, a place in which everyone is speaking his language for the first time in his life. They placed hidden cameras around the town to capture his reaction as he meets random strangers who interact with him using sign language. He can’t believe what he’s seeing, his face says it all.


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