Chardonnay Go’ Is The Pokemon Go Wine Parody Every Mom Will Relate To

It has now become a way of life, and it took just over a week.

It’s Pokemon Go and it has people all over completely living their lives differently as they escape reality by playing this seemingly addictive game.

She is an employee at New Jersey’s 101.5FM, and Dena Blizzard has just made a pitch for an app that will help mom’s have their own escape from reality. A Pokemon Go alternative.

Here’s what she says about her app:

“Everyone is talking about an app called Pokemon Go where kids can go around and find Pokemon. But did you know there’s an app for moms called Chardonnay Go where you can actually find glasses of Chardonnay all over your neighborhood?”

Dena proceeds to explain how her app works. Check her out as she wobbles around town trying to chug them all down! Hilarious!

Dena’s version of Pokemon Go, substitutes the fake by providing the real. As in actual glasses of Chardonnay!

There are definitely mommies all over who can’t wait to download Deena’s amazing app! The legalities may present a stumbling block, but where there’s a will, there’s a glass of Chardonnay! So who knows, maybe this app will be a reality!

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