Children Refuse To Help Their Parents, So They Live In A Store Parking Lot

In the good old days families looked after their loved ones. But now days it seems more and more kids forget who took care of them when they were young.

This happened to Gordon and Dee Head at their 70s. Gordon was promissed a job at a hospital in Florida thats why they moved from Texas. But when he arrived there, he’s been told there was no job for him.

Since then, the couple was living in their car, in a store parking lot for a couple of weeks. What makes this story even more heartbreaking, he said their adult children won’t even care about them.

Luckily, some girls saw them sleeping in their car and decided to help them. A good deed they’ve done: they shared this story on Facebook and also raised over $14,500 for the couple on YouCaring.

“The day I asked God to send us some angels, they started showing up,” Gordon said.

Thank God this person showed up and helped them.


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