Cop Drops To The Street For Push-Ups To Calm Agitated Boy With Autism

Autistic children are indeed challenging and you need special care and patience when dealing with these special individuals.

While often loving, they can turn very agitated, very quickly and it can be hard to get them to become settled.

Bubba is an autistic boy from Tennessee and his mom knows the cure to Bubba’s anxiety – cops!

It was Deputy Loftis from the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office who was called to Bubba’s home. Bubba was very agitated to the point where his mom called officers because, simply put, Bubba loves police officers and it seemed to be the only way to settle the child.

When the officer arrived, no one expected this. It was down on the ground for some push-ups!1

Here’s the photo of the officer making a big difference in the life of this young man.

“Dep. Corey Loftis was dispatched to a residence in reference to a boy with autism who was severely agitated. The mother knew ‘Bubba’ loved officers so she called for a deputy to respond to her house.”


“When Dep. Loftis showed up, he was able to calm ‘Bubba’ down and showed him how to channel his frustration by doing ‘PUSH-UPS!’

“The mother advised, ‘Bubba was laughing before Dep. Loftis left, which at the time I thought was impossible!’”


The photo was shared by the boy’s mom, Christy Richardson. It really is a wonderful interaction between the two and thousands have shared this powerful photo since.


Support has been shared for the wonderful actions of Deputy Loftis, as well as for mother Christy, and of course, Bubba!

Here’s what the mom had to say:

I’m Bubba’s mom and I can’t thank Officer Loftis enough for what he did.”


Deputy Loftis and his Sheriff’s Office have been known to go beyond the call of duty.

Here a stuffed animal is being used to ease fears.


Goes to show how a little act of kindness can go a long way. This action by the officer is now inspiring others all over the world!


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