Cop Killed Working Her Last Shift Before Welcoming Her Newborn Daughter From Hospital


Kerrie Orozco was scheduled to deliver a warrant for a wanted felon when a shootout began. Marcus Wheeler started shooting at Kerrie as he tried to escape. Kerrie Orozco was working her last shift before leaving on maternity leave. Her daughter was born premature and Kerrie was going to pick her up later that day from the hospital.

Sadly this new mom died at Creighton University Medical Center shortly after the 1 p.m. shooting. The suspect , 26-year-old Marcus Wheeler, also died at the hospital.


Kerrie Orozco was a 7-year Omaha Police Officer veteran. Omaha Police Officer, Kerrie Orozco, leaves behind a loving family and a new baby named Olivia Ruth. Since news of her death broke, the Omaha Police Department has been flooded with donations and requests from the community she served, asking how to help the fallen officer’s family.

The mother of Police Officer Kerrie Orozco’s stepchildren had some very kind words to say. Although she is grateful to everyone who is trying to reach her for donations, she wants the attention to be focused on Orozco’s life.



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