Couple Live Inside Old White Van After Transforming It Into A One-Bed Apartment

Paying rent is one of the worst things in the entire world. When you check your account at the beginning of the month and see that all your money has already gone, it’s like a part of you dies. “Goodbye, hard earned money,” you say as your hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars is sent off and the only thing to dry your tears is the roof over your head. I guess it’s a fair trade.


However, one couple wanted the roof over their head to be affordable and travel-friendly. Psh – not in this lifetime. Well, that’s what I thought until I saw their incredible self-made apartment in the back of a white van. Doesn’t seem like the ideal living situation, but trust me, this place is pretty sweet.

Adam Croft, 29, and his partner Nikki Pepperell, 32, spent one year and £10,000 ($13,040) creating their own little dream house in the back of a Ford Transit. The UK couple decided that the cost of living was too much to handle, and instead got a sweet deal on a £3,500 van off of eBay and then spent around double that on doing it up.

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The van/house comes complete with a bathroom, kitchen, shower, bed, windows, a couch, new flooring, and even a porch. Though it’s a tight squeeze, for that price it’s incredible. They definitely beat the housing crisis on that one. I would say their project turned out pretty well.

The pair left their office jobs and plan to travel and work around Europe in their new home for at least a year. They’re chronicling their journey on The Van Diaries. Forget a penthouse in the south of France – this is my new dream home.


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