Couple On Meth Arrested For Eating Homeless Man In Central Park


A New York couple, high on methamphetamines, was arrested on Sunday after police received several 911 calls that they were harassing people in Central Park. Matthew Scroggins, 32, and his 43-year-old girlfriend Martha Childress  were reportedly acting “odd” as they headed towards the park screaming, jumping up and down, and spinning in circles.

Witnesses say the strange couple headed toward the edge of the park but quickly “disappeared.” Police searched the area and after 30 minutes, they found the couple crouched down in the bushes over a homeless man. “We found a couple that met the description of the 911 calls we had been receiving,” said Lieut. Philip Washburn. “We identified ourselves and asked them to turn around. When they did, their faces were covered with blood and the homeless man was crying for help. They had already eaten off every single one of his fingers and began chewing off his toes when we arrived on the scene.”

Due to the severity of the situation, Washburn said they had no choice but to tase the couple. “We didn’t know if they were armed, or if they would attack us,” said Washburn. “We tasered both of them, but they still were able to lunge towards us. So two other officers use their tasers as well, which finally subdued them.”

The homeless man was rushed to a nearby hospital where he is listed in stable condition after losing all 10 fingers and four toes. Scroggins and Childress are being held on no bond under mental evaluation. According to the police report, the couple claimed they were hungry and hadn’t eaten for five days. They say they had “no choice but to eat the homeless man since he had nothing going for him anyway.” Both tested positive for high levels of methamphetamines.


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