Dad Finds A Scary Spider In His Son’s Shoe


What are you most afraid of? For some of us, heights brings us to our knees. For others, it might be snakes or mice. Yet another unpopular creepy-crawly is none other than the eight-legged arachnids spinning webs and causing kids everywhere to scream, “Spiderrrrr!”

Regardless of their size, these creatures are disliked by children and adults the world over. We don’t know what it is about them that makes us so uneasy. Is it their eyes? Maybe it’s the fact that they catch their food inside a sticky traps? Or perhaps it’s the fear that they will crawl into something when you aren’t looking.

Watch this quick clip to see how one parent in Australia makes sure his son doesn’t get the scare of a lifetime.

A lone tennis shoe sits atop a pile of cardboard boxes. The camera closes in as we hear a man’s voice explain that his son has left his shoe outside over the weekend. The speaker’s hand nears the shoe and the interior comes into view. It is absolutely overtaken with cobwebs. The man douses the shoe with a chemical spray in an attempt to get the spider to exit the premises. Moments later, a large black spider comes out of the repellent haze. As it crawls back and forth across the top of the shoe, disgruntled at losing his new home, we let out a huge sigh of relief that this man’s son won’t be sliding his foot into such dangerous territory.

Our fearless father says it best. As the video closes he dryly states, “Welcome to Australia!” Well done, mate! SHARE the love, pass it on!


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