Dad Finds An Old Hospital Bracelet In The Car…Now Watch What Comes Running Up Behind Him!

Using time lapse to illustrate the nature of parenthood has just as much pull on our heartstrings as just about any other medium. A new spot for Subaru shows us exactly how powerful it can be.

In a video titled Making Memories, we watch a father run the usual parental chore of cleaning out arbitrary items forgotten by the kids — articles of clothing, maybe a book or magazine, and a few oddities left behind by his daughter. He pulls out a pink crayon, and as he turns he remembers a vision of his small daughter running to the car after her first day of school. Next, a long-discarded hospital band from that time in middle school she broke her leg during a soccer match. A corsage he finds reminds him of her first high school dance. Boxing them all, and putting them into the trunk of another car, he passes the keys — the last item — to his young adult daughter, sending her off into the world.

These special moments of parental nostalgia make up some of our favorites here at LittleThings. Whether it’s time-lapse pregnancies, tributes, or memory highlights like in the video below, they’re always great at reminding us to treasure the moments we have with our loved ones.


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